Yes Study has achieved ICEF accreditation and holds an ICEF Agency Status, symbolizing outstanding quality and professionalism within the international education sector. As an ICEF Agency, we:

  • Act fairly and in the best interests of both students and institutional partners
  • Ensure that visa or admissions applications are free of any fraudulent or misleading documents or representations
  • Provide realistic and appropriate information that is tailored to the individual student, particularly in relation to language ability, financial capacity, and intended study programme


Advocating for the advancement of standards in international education, ICEF Agency Status (IAS) is a comprehensive accreditation programme that acknowledges distinguished agencies and is highly regarded throughout the industry.

ICEF Agency Status badge for Yes Study
Yes Study’s ICEF Agency Status badge

Yes Study would like to express gratitude to all our colleagues, leaders, and Board members for the dedicated work to make us a reliable and accredited agency in educational consulting.

We are deeply thankful to our students and parents for trusting and choosing Yes Study as your companion on your exciting journey in Canada.

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