Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is designed for individuals who possess the necessary skills, education, and work experience to enhance the economy of a specific Canadian province or territory. Participants in this program aim to reside in the chosen province, ultimately seeking to become permanent residents of Canada.

How you will apply depends on which Provincial Nominee Program stream you’re applying to. You might need to apply using the non-Express Entry process, or through Express Entry.

  • Non-Express Entry process
  • Express Entry process

Program Streams:

Diversity in Streams: Each province and territory offers various “streams,” which are specific immigration programs targeting different groups of individuals.

Targeted Groups: Streams may focus on students, business professionals, skilled workers, or semi-skilled workers, catering to the diverse needs of provinces and territories.

Under PNP, Canada encourages the influx of talent and expertise tailored to the unique economic requirements of individual provinces and territories, fostering regional growth and integration.

I. Non-Express Entry process

  • Application to Province/Territory: Apply to the specific province or territory for nomination under a non-Express Entry stream.
  • Eligibility Requirements: Meet the eligibility criteria set by the nominating province or territory.
  • Nomination and Permanent Residency: If nominated, apply for permanent residence online. Note that processing times are generally longer than those under the Express Entry system.

II. Express Entry process

Express Entry Profile Creation:

  • Contact the province or territory and apply for a nomination under an Express Entry stream. If nominated, create an Express Entry profile or update an existing one to indicate the nomination. OR
  • Create an Express Entry profile and express your interest in specific provinces or territories. If a province or territory shows interest (“notification of interest”), directly contact them.

Eligibility Requirements: Fulfill the eligibility criteria of both the Express Entry system and the nominating province or territory.

Nomination Confirmation: If nominated, the province or territory will electronically send a nomination certificate to your Express Entry account. Accept the nomination.

Invitation to Apply (ITA):

  • If invited, submit an electronic application to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  • Ensure you meet the minimum criteria for Express Entry, including eligibility for one of the covered immigration programs.


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